Install nrgljubljana_interface

Compiling nrgljubljana_interface from source


To guarantee reproducibility in scientific calculations we strongly recommend the use of a stable release of both TRIQS and its applications.


  1. The TRIQS library, see TRIQS installation instruction. In the following, we assume that TRIQS is installed in the directory path_to_triqs.

Installation steps

  1. Download the source code of the latest stable version by cloning the TRIQS/nrgljubljana_interface repository from GitHub:

    $ git clone nrgljubljana_interface.src
  2. Create and move to a new directory where you will compile the code:

    $ mkdir && cd
  3. Ensure that your shell contains the TRIQS environment variables by sourcing the file from your TRIQS installation:

    $ source path_to_triqs/share/triqs/
  4. In the build directory call cmake, including any additional custom CMake options, see below:

    $ cmake ../nrgljubljana_interface.src
  5. Compile the code, run the tests and install the application:

    $ make
    $ make test
    $ make install

Version compatibility

Keep in mind that the version of nrgljubljana_interface must be compatible with your TRIQS library version, see TRIQS website. In particular the Major and Minor Version numbers have to be the same. To use a particular version, go into the directory with the sources, and look at all available versions:

$ cd nrgljubljana_interface.src && git tag

Checkout the version of the code that you want:

$ git checkout 2.1.0

and follow steps 2 to 4 above to compile the code.

Custom CMake options

The compilation of nrgljubljana_interface can be configured using CMake-options:

cmake ../nrgljubljana_interface.src -DOPTION1=value1 -DOPTION2=value2 ...