Type aliases

g_w_t block_gf<triqs::mesh::refreq_pts, triqs::gfs::matrix_valued> Container type
g_w_vt g_w_t::view_type A view to a g_w_t
g_w_cvt g_w_t::const_view_type A const_view to a g_w_t
s_w_t gf<triqs::mesh::refreq_pts, triqs::gfs::scalar_real_valued> Container for scalar real-valued quantities with no block structure
s_w_vt s_w_t::view_type A view to s_w_t
s_w_cvt s_w_t::const_view_type A const_view to s_w_t
c_w_t gf<triqs::mesh::refreq_pts, triqs::gfs::scalar_valued> Container for scalar complex-valued quantities with no block structure
c_w_vt c_w_t::view_type A view to c_w_t
c_w_cvt c_w_t::const_view_type A const_view to c_w_t
m_w_t gf<triqs::mesh::refreq_pts, triqs::gfs::matrix_valued> Container for matrix complex-valued quantities with no block structure
m_w_vt m_w_t::view_type A view to m_w_t
m_w_cvt m_w_t::const_view_type A const_view to m_w_t