#include <nrgljubljana_interface.hpp>

class container_set

The collection of all output containers in solver_core

Public members

A_w std::optional<g_w_t> The spectral function
B_w std::optional<g_w_t> The spectral function of the auxiliary correlator F_w
G_w std::optional<g_w_t> The retarded Greens function
F_w std::optional<g_w_t> The auxiliary Green function F_w = Sigma_w * G_w
Sigma_w std::optional<g_w_t> The retarded Self energy
expv std::map<std::string, double> Expectation values of local impurity operators
tdfdm std::map<std::string, double> Thermodynamic variables (FDM algorithm)
chi_NN_w std::optional<g_w_t> Charge susceptibility
chi_SS_w std::optional<g_w_t> Spin susceptibility

Non Member functions