This program allows to perform DFT+DMFT ‘’one-shot’’ and charge self-consistent (CSC) calculations from h5 archives or VASP/Quantum Espresso input files for multiband systems using the TRIQS software library, and the DFT code interface TRIQS/DFTTools. Works with triqs >3.x.x. solid_dmft takes advantage of various impurity solvers available in triqs: cthyb, HubbardI, ForkTPS, ctint, and ctseg. Postprocessing scripts are available to perform analytic continuation and calculate spectral functions.

For installation use the same branch / tag as your triqs installation. More information under Installation.

Learn how to use solid_dmft in the Documentation and the Tutorials.

For more technical information about the implementation check also the solid_dmft publication in the JOSS journal. If you are using this code for your research, please cite the paper using this bib file.

Workflow of DFT+DMFT calculations with solid_dmft

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