The dft_tools package is published under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

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The developement of an interface between the Wien2k electronic structure package and TRIQS has been motivated by a scientific collaboration between the research groups of Antoine Georges, Silke Biermann (Ecole Polytechnique), Olivier Parcollet (CEA Saclay). A first step has been the definition of the framework and the construction of the projective Wannier functions as input for the DMFT calculations [1]. This has been followed by the introduction of full charge self-consistency [2], necessary for total energy calculations. The package at hand is fully implemented as an application based on the TRIQS library [3].

Developers: M. Aichhorn, L. Pourovskii, A. Hampel, P.Seth, V. Vildosola, M. Zingl, O. E. Peil, X. Deng, J. Mravlje, G. Kraberger, A. James, C. Martins, M. Ferrero, O. Parcollet

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