, opt_dict, xlabel, ylabel, X, allow_spectral_mode=False)[source]

Plot protocol for Green’s function objects.

  • opt_dict (dictionary) –

    MUST contain: - name: str

    Name for the plotting label

    Can contain: - mode: string, default None

    Mode to plot the Green’s function in: – ‘R’: real part only – ‘I’: imaginary part only – ‘S’: spectral function

    • x_window: tuple, default None


  • xlabel (str) – Label to apply to the x axis.

  • ylabel (lambda : str -> str) – Label to apply to the y axis.

  • X (list) – The x values the object can take, i.e. the mesh.

  • allow_spectral_mode (boolean, default False) – Can the spectral function be measured for this type of Green’s function?


plot_data – Object passed to oplot to plot.

Return type:

list of dict