SumkDFTTools.lattice_gf(ik, mu=None, broadening=None, mesh=None, with_Sigma=True, with_dc=True)

Calculates the lattice Green function for a given k-point from the DFT Hamiltonian and the self energy.


k-point index.

mureal, optional

Chemical potential for which the Green’s function is to be calculated. If not provided, self.chemical_potential is used for mu.

broadeningreal, optional

Imaginary shift for the axis along which the real-axis GF is calculated. If not provided, broadening will be set to double of the distance between mesh points in ‘mesh’.

meshMeshReFreq or MeshImFreq, optional

Mesh to be used if with_Sigma=False. If with Sigma=False and mesh is none then self.mesh is used.

with_Sigmaboolean, optional

If True the GF will be calculated with the self-energy stored in self.Sigmaimp_(w/iw), for real/Matsubara GF, respectively. In this case the mesh is taken from the self.Sigma_imp object. If with_Sigma=True but self.Sigmaimp_(w/iw) is not present, with_Sigma is reset to False.

with_dcboolean, optional

if True and with_Sigma=True, the dc correction is substracted from the self-energy before it is included into GF.


Lattice Green’s function.