SumkDFTTools.extract_G_loc(mu=None, with_Sigma=True, with_dc=True, broadening=None, transform_to_solver_blocks=True, show_warnings=True)

Extracts the local downfolded Green function by the Brillouin-zone integration of the lattice Green’s function.

mureal, optional

Input chemical potential. If not provided the value of self.chemical_potential is used as mu.

with_Sigmaboolean, optional

If True then the local GF is calculated with the self-energy self.Sigma_imp.

with_dcboolean, optional

If True then the double-counting correction is subtracted from the self-energy in calculating the GF.

broadeningfloat, optional

Imaginary shift for the axis along which the real-axis GF is calculated. If not provided, broadening will be set to double of the distance between mesh points in ‘mesh’. Only relevant for real-frequency GF.

transform_to_solver_blocksbool, optional

If True (default), the returned G_loc will be transformed to the block structure gf_struct_solver, else it will be in gf_struct_sumk.

show_warningsbool, optional

Displays warning messages during transformation (Only effective if transform_to_solver_blocks = True

G_loclist of BlockGf (Green’s function) objects

List of the local Green’s functions for all (inequivalent) correlated shells, rotated into the corresponding local frames. If transform_to_solver_blocks is True, it will be one per inequivalent correlated shell, else one per correlated shell.