Generic Green’s Function by Block.


  • There are several possible constructors, which accept only keyword arguments.
conjugate() Return conjugate of the BlockGf
copy(*args) Returns a (deep) copy of self (i.e.
copy_from(G2) Copy the Green's function from G2: G2 MUST have the same structure!
copy_selected_blocks(selected_blocks) Returns a COPY of the selected blocks of self, in the same order as self.
density(*args, **kwargs) Returns the density as a dict of density of the blocks
inverse() Return inverse of the BlockGf
invert() Inverse all the blocks inplace
load(filename[, no_exception]) adjust_temperature: if true,
save(filename[, accumulate]) Save the Green function in i omega_n (as 2 columns).
total_density(*args, **kwargs) Total density of G
transpose() Return transpose of the BlockGf
view_selected_blocks(selected_blocks) Returns a VIEW of the selected blocks of self, in the same order as self.


all_indices block_index,n1,n2, where n1,n2 are indices of the block
beta Inverse Temperature
imag A Gf with only the imag part of data.
indices A generator of the block indices
mesh backward compatibility only
n_blocks Number of blocks
real A Gf with only the real part of data.