triqs.lattice.utils.TB_from_wannier90(seed, path='./', extend_to_spin=False, add_local=None)[source]

read wannier90 output and convert to TBLattice object

reads wannier90 real space lattice vectors from seed.wout file. reads wannier90 hoppings from seed_hr.dat file

  • seed (str) – seedname of wannier90 run, name of *_hr.dat

  • path (str, default = './') – path to wannier90 output dir

  • extend_to_spin (bool, default= False) – extend hopping Hamiltonian with spin indices

  • add_local (numpy array , default = None) – add a local term to hopping[0,0,0] of shape Norb x Norb


TBL – triqs tight binding object

Return type:

triqs TBLattice object