Operators for commonly used observables.


L2_op(spin_names, n_orb[, off_diag, ...]) Create the square of the orbital momentum operator.
LS_op(spin_names, n_orb[, off_diag, ...]) Create a spin-orbital coupling operator.
L_op(component, spin_names, n_orb[, ...]) Create a component of the orbital momentum vector operator.
N_op(spin_names, n_orb[, off_diag, ...]) Create an operator of the total number of particles.
S2_op(spin_names, n_orb[, off_diag, ...]) Create the square of the total spin operator.
S_op(component, spin_names, n_orb[, ...]) Create a component of the spin vector operator.
check_backward_compat(fname, n_orb, orb_names)