Lattice tools (to be improved)


dos Signature : (TightBinding TB, int nkpts, int neps) -> std::pair<array<double, 1>, array<double, 2>>
dos_patch Signature : (TightBinding TB, array<double,2> triangles, int neps, int ndiv) -> std::pair<array<double, 1>, array<double, 1>>
energies_on_bz_grid Signature : (TightBinding TB, int n_pts) -> array<double, 2>
energies_on_bz_path Signature : (TightBinding TB, k_cvt K1, k_cvt K2, int n_pts) -> array<double, 2>
energy_matrix_on_bz_path Signature : (TightBinding TB, k_cvt K1, k_cvt K2, int n_pts) -> array<dcomplex, 3>
hopping_stack Signature : (TightBinding TB, array_const_view<double,2> k_stack) -> array<dcomplex, 3>


BravaisLattice Bravais Lattice with given unit vectors and atomic positions
BrillouinZone Brillouin Zone for a given Bravais Lattice
TightBinding A tight-binding Hamiltonian on a Bravais lattice.