Return the conjugate of a Green's function


Compute Delta_iw from G0_iw. CAUTION: This function assumes the following properties of g * The diagonal components of g should decay as 1/iOmega * g should fullfill the property g[iw][i,j] = conj(g[-iw][j,i]).

discretize_bath(delta_in, Nb[, eps0, V0, ...])

Discretize a given hybridization function using Nb bath sites.


Solve Dyson's equation for given two of G0_iw, G_iw and Sigma_iw to yield the third.

fit_legendre(g_t[, order])

General fit of a noisy imaginary time Green's function to a low order Legendre expansion in imaginary time.


Return the inverse of its argument, with proper treatement of lazy expressions.

make_delta(V, eps, mesh[, block_names])

Create a hybridization function from given hoppings and bath energies as .

make_zero_tail(g[, n_moments])

Return a container for the high-frequency coefficients of a given Green function initialized to zero.

read_gf_from_txt(block_txtfiles, block_name)

Read a GfReFreq from text files with the format (w, Re(G), Im(G)) for a single block.


Return the transpose of a Green's function


Write a GfReFreq or GfImFreq to in the format (w/iw, Re(G), Im(G)) for a single block.