, eps, mesh, block_names=None)[source]

Create a hybridization function from given hoppings and bath energies as .. math:: Delta_{kl}^{disc} (i omega_n) = sum_{j=1}^{Nb} V_{kj} S V_{jl}^* . where S is either .. math:: [i omega_n - eps_j]^{-1} for MeshImFreq or .. math:: - exp(-tau * eps_j) / (1 + exp(-beta * eps_j) ) for MeshImTime

  • V (np.array (shape Norb x NB) or list thereof) – Bath hopping matrix or matrix for each Gf block

  • eps (list(float) or list(list(float))) – Bath energies or energies for each Gf block

  • mesh (MeshImFreq or MeshImTime) – Mesh of the hybridization function

  • block_names (list(str)) – List of block names, used if V, eps are lists


delta – Hybridization function on given mesh

Return type:

Gf or BlockGf