triqs.utility.bound_and_bisect.bound_and_bisect(f, x_0, y=0.0, dx=1.0, xtol=0.001, x_name='x', y_name='y', maxiter=1000, verbosity=1)[source]

Solve F(x) = y where F is a monotonic function.

Arguments :
  • F: function (real valued) to be solved
  • x_0: Initial guess for for x.
  • y: If given, F(x) = y will be solved.
  • dx: Increment to use in bound search.
  • x_name, y_name: Names of the variables x and y for the report.
  • maxiter: Maximum number of iterations for both bound searching and bisection.
Returns :
  • A tuple (x,f(x)).