, block_name)[source]

Read a GfReFreq from text files with the format (w, Re(G), Im(G)) for a single block.


A BlockGf must be constructed from multiple GfReFreq objects if desired. The mesh must be the same for all files read in. Non-uniform meshes are not supported.

  • block_txtfiles (Rank 2 square np.array(str) or list[list[str]]) –

    The text files containing the GF data that need to read for the block. e.g. [[‘up_eg1.dat’]] for a one-dimensional block and


    [‘up_eg1_2.dat’,’up_eg2_2.dat’]] for a 2x2 block.

  • block_name (str) – Name of the block.


g – The real frequency Green’s function read in.

Return type: