Momentum mesh on a BrillouinZone)

The unit vectors $U$ of the mesh are constructed such that

$$K = N * U$$

where $K$ is the reciprocal matrix and $N$ the periodization matrix.

Parameters (Option 1)

The underlying Brillouin Zone
dimsnumpy.ndarray of integers, shape=(3,)
The extent of each dimension

Parameters (Option 2)

The underlying Brillouin Zone
Number of mesh-points in each reciprocal direction


__init__(*args, **kwargs)
closest_index Signature : (vector_const_view<double> v) -> std::array<long,3> Mesh Index closest to the vector
copy Signature : () -> MeshBrZone Make a copy (clone) of self
copy_from Signature : (MeshBrZone other) -> None Assignment
to_data_index Signature : (brzone::index_t index) -> brzone::data_index_t Function to convert an index to a data index
to_index Signature : (brzone::data_index_t data_index) -> brzone::index_t Function to convert a data index to an index
to_value Signature : (brzone::index_t index) -> brzone::value_t index -> value
values Signature : () -> PyObject * A numpy array of all the values of the mesh points


bz The brillouin_zone
dims Linear dimensions
units Matrix containing mesh basis vectors as rows