#include <triqs/hilbert_space/fundamental_operator_set.hpp>

class fundamental_operator_set

This class represents an ordered set of indices of the canonical operators (see [[many_body_operator]]) used to build the Fock states. Every element of the set is an arbitrarily long sequence of integers/strings (types can be mixed within one sequence). The elements maintain the order they are inserted in

Member types

indices_t indices_t Sequence of indices (std::vector of int/string variant objects)
data_t std::vector<indices_t> The basic container std::vector<indices_t>
const_iterator triqs::utility::dressed_iterator<_enum_iterator, _cdress> Constant bidirectional iterator over all stored index sequences. For an iterator it, it->index gives the indices_t object pointed by this iterator, and it->linear_index is its position in the set.

Non Member functions