#include <triqs/hilbert_space/fundamental_operator_set.hpp>


  1. fundamental_operator_set ()
  2. fundamental_operator_set (std::vector<int> const & v)
  3. template<typename IndexType>
    fundamental_operator_set (std::set<IndexType> const & s)
  4. fundamental_operator_set (fundamental_operator_set::data_t const & v)
  5. fundamental_operator_set (gf_struct_t const & gf_struct)


1) Construct an empty set

2) Construct a set with each stored index being a pair of integers (i,j)

3) Construct from a set of generic index sequences

4) Construct from a vector of index sequences

5) Construct fundamental_operator_set on a GF structure


  • v i runs from 0 to v.size()-1; j runs from 0 to v[i].size()-1 for each i

  • s Set of indices

  • gf_struct GF structure object