#include <triqs/det_manip/det_manip.hpp>


det_manip::value_type try_insert (long i,
long j,
det_manip::x_type const & x,
det_manip::y_type const & y)

Insert operation at column j0 and row i0.

The operation consists in adding :

  • a column f(x_i, y_{j0})

  • and a row f(x_{i0}, x_j)

The new column/row will be at col j0, row i0.

0 <= i0,j0 <= N, where N is the current size of the matrix. The current column j0 (resp. row i0) will become column j0+1 (resp. row i0+1). Inserting at N simply add the new col at the end. Returns the ratio of det Minv_new / det Minv.

This routine does NOT make any modification. It has to be completed with complete_operation().


  • i

  • j