class gf_mesh<imfreq>;

Matsubara frequency mesh

The class matsubara_freq_mesh is the implementation of a mesh of fermionic (\(\frac{(2n+1)\pi}{\beta}\)) or bosonic (\(\frac{2n\pi}{\beta}\)) Matsubara frequencies.

The mesh can span either only positive frequencies or both positive and negative frequencies (which is necessary for complex functions \(G(\tau)\)).

Pictorial representation of ``gf_mesh<imfreq>({beta, Fermion/Boson, 3, all_frequencies/positive_frequencies_only})``. See

Pictorial representation of gf_mesh<imfreq>({beta, Fermion/Boson, 3, all_frequencies/positive_frequencies_only}). See

Member types

Member type Comment
domain_t type of the domain: matsubara_domain<true>
index_t type of the Matsubara index $n$ (as in $iomega_n$)
linear_index_t type of the linear index
domain_pt_t type of the domain point
mesh_point_t Type of the mesh point
const_iterator Iterating on all the points…

Member functions

Member function Comment
constructor constructor
domain The corresponding domain
size Size (linear) of the mesh of the window
full_size Size (linear) of the mesh of the window
index_to_point From an index of a point in the mesh, returns the corresponding point in the domain
index_to_linear Flatten the index in the positive linear index for memory storage (almost trivial here).
linear_to_index Reverse of index_to_linear
first_index first Matsubara index
last_index last Matsubara index
first_index_window first Matsubara index of the window
last_index_window last Matsubara index of the window
positive_only Is the mesh only for positive omega_n (G(tau) real))
operator[] Accessing a point of the mesh from its index
is_within_boundary Is the point in mesh ?

Non Member functions

Non member function Comment
mpi_scatter Scatter a mesh over the communicator c
mpi_gather Opposite of scatter
h5_write Write into HDF5
h5_read Read from HDF5