#include <triqs/gfs/block_gf.hpp>


  1. block_gf (block_gf<Mesh, Target, Arity> const & x)
  2. block_gf (block_gf<Mesh, Target, Arity> && )
  3. block_gf (block_names_t b, data_t d)
  4. block_gf ()
  5. template<bool IsConst2>
    block_gf (block_gf_view<Mesh, Target, Arity, IsConst2> const & g)
  6. template<typename G>
    block_gf (G const & x)
  7. template<typename Tag>
  8. block_gf (data_t V)
  9. block_gf (int n)
  10. block_gf (int n, g_t const & g)
  11. block_gf (block_names_t b, g_t const & g)
  12. block_gf (block_names_t b)
  13. block_gf (Mesh const & m, gf_struct_t const & gf_struct)
  14. template<typename Int>
    block_gf (Mesh const & m, std::vector<Int> const & bl_sizes)
  15. block_gf (int n, int p, g_t const & g)
  16. block_gf (data_t V)


1) Copy constructor

2) Move constructor

3) Construct from block_names and list of gf

4) Construct an empty Green function (with empty array).

5) From a block_gf_view of the same kind

6) Construct from anything which models BlockGreenFunction.

7) Construct from the mpi lazy class of the implementation class, cf mpi section

8) Construct from a vector of gf

9) Constructs a n block

10) Constructs a n block with copies of g.

11) Construct from the vector of names and one gf to be copied

12) Construct from the vector of names

15) Constructs a n blocks with copies of g.

16) Construct from a vector of gf