[GfReTime] Retarded Green’s function in real time


class triqs.gf.GfReTime(**kw)[source]
mesh: MeshReTime, optional
The mesh of the Green function If not present, it will be constructed from the parameters beta, indices, [n_points], [statistic]
data: numpy.array, optional
The data of the Gf. Must be of dimension mesh.rank + target_rank. Incompatible with target_shape
target_shape: list of int, optional
Shape of the target space. Incompatible with data
is_real: bool
Is the Green function real valued ? If true, and target_shape is set, the data will be real. No effect with the parameter data.
indices: GfIndices or list of str or list of list of str, Optional
Optional string indices for the target space, to allow e.g g[‘eg’, ‘eg’] list of list of str: the list of indices for each dimension. list of str: all indices are assumed to be the same for all dimensions.
name: str
The name of the Green function. For plotting.

Conjugate of the Greens function.

Returns:G – Conjugate of the Greens function.
Return type:Gf (copy)

Take the transpose of a matrix valued Greens function.

Returns:G – The transpose of the Greens function.
Return type:Gf (copy)


Only implemented for single mesh matrix valued Greens functions.


Arguments of __init__() must be documented.

HDF5 data scheme

The GfReTime (Format = “GfReTime”) is decomposed in the following objects:

Name Type Meaning
Mesh MeshGf The mesh
Data 3d numpy of complex
Data[n,i1,i2] is the element of the Green function where:
  • n is the index of the time slice
  • i1, i2 are the indices
IndicesL,IndicesR string The Python repr of the indices, e.g. (1,2), or (1,) repr(this_string) reproduces the indices
Name string Name of the Green function block
Note string Note


from math import pi
from triqs.gf import *

gw = GfReFreq(indices = [1], window = (-5, 5), n_points = 1001, name = "egBlock")
gw << SemiCircular(2.0)

gt = GfReTime(indices = [1], mesh = make_adjoint_mesh(gw.mesh), name = "egBlock")
gt << Fourier(gw)

from triqs.plot.mpl_interface import oplot
oplot(gt.imag, '-o')

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