Block2Gf.__init__(name_list1, name_list2, block_list, **kwargs)[source]
  • Block2Gf(name_list1, name_list2, block_list, make_copies = False, name = ‘G2’)

    • name_list1: list of the first names of the blocks, e.g. [“up”,”down”].

    • name_list2: list of the second names of the blocks, e.g. [“up”,”down”].

    • block_list: can be one of

      • list of lists of Green’s function block objects; dimensions of the outer and inner lists must coincide with lengths of name_list1 and name_list2 respectively;
      • callable object taking two block names and returning a Green’s function block object.
    • make_copies: if True, it makes a copy of the blocks and build the Green’s function from these copies.